20 Amazing Facts About Batman V Superman


Good Advice

When Ben Affleck ran into Christian Bale not long after he'd been announced as the next Batman, he asked the retiring Dark Knight if he had any advice for capturing a character like Bruce Wayne. Bale's only response? To make sure that this time around, the costume department put a zipper in the suit so he wouldn't need a team to answer nature's call. They did.

New Blood

When Zack Snyder went from Superman to Batman, he begged composer Hans Zimmer to come with him. Having done impressive work with Man of Steel, he agreed. But since he was also the mind behind Christopher Nolan's Batman music, felt it would be impossible for him to start from scratch. As a compromise, he brought in friend and collaborator Junkie XL to handle the Dark Knight, while he stuck to the other characters.

Size Matters

It's impossible to think of an actor who can truly embody all aspects of an anti-hero like Batman, but the producers of the movie revealed that it wasn't just talent, but height they were looking for. To get the right dynamic between the green Superman and veteran Batman, they wanted an actor whom Henry Cavill would have to literally look up to. At around 6'3", Ben Affleck stands more than a little taller than the Man of Steel.

Second Time's The Charm

His movie roles may have divided audiences, but over the past decade, Ben Affleck has shown himself to be a talented director - and a gifted dramatic lead. That's the reason Warner Bros. first approached him to direct the Superman reboot that became Man of Steel. Since he was inexperienced with CG blockbusters, he turned down the job. When he was approached to STAR in a DC movie, it took Zack Snyder to convince him to not just take the part, but learn some tricks of the trade firsthand.

Written in Rubber

In Man of Steel, Superman's famous 'S' was revealed to be a message in Krpytonian. For the follow-up, the team went even farther. Lines were written, then translated in to Kryptonian writing, and embedded into Superman's costume itself, from the arms to the chest, and who knows where else on the finished suit.

A Strange Reveal

It was obvious from the casting that nobody was looking to tell a Batman origin story, but a flashback to the iconic death of Thomas and Martha Wayne was inevitable, with Snyder's Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the part. But how Morgan was actually revealed was more than a little strange. Not a leak, or hint, but a painting. That's right, a prop painting of Thomas Wayne that was unmistakable as the actor let the world in on the secret earlier than expected.

Making Good on Man of Steel

The movie offers more than one reason why Superman killing General Zod was a mistake, but the ending to Man of Steel was no accident. When even Christopher Nolan thought Super should only defeat Zod, Snyder convinced him that the hero's commitment to never kill had to be a lesson he learned. Nolan agreed, letting the superhero he reimagined arrive to hold Superman accountable in his sequel.

Small Town Heroes

By landing the role of the King of Atlantis, actor Jason Momoa becomes one of the most famous people to ever hail from the small town of Norwalk, Iowa, population of under 10,000. In a true case of freakish coincidence, his only competition might be from the small town's OTHER famous son, Brandon Routh, the former Superman himself.

The Last Laugh

When fans first saw the defaced Robin costume in Batman's batcave, they didn't ask who was behind the writing and laughter spray painted onto it. But just to confirm it was the Joker's handiwork, the second trailer for Suicide Squad shows the exact same handwriting over top of the company cards (shown at the very beginning of the trailer).

Holly HunteD

Fans won't find a DC Comics inspiration behind the character of Senator Finch, even if anti-Superman lawmakers are nothing new. But director Zack Snyder admitted at Comic-Con that he created the character specifically for actress Holly Hunter, for no other reason than wanting to work with the veteran talent, and seeing his chance.

Passing on The Title

When Zack Snyder decided that a new Batman was needed to face off against Superman in Man of Steel's universe, apparently even the studio had trouble understanding. Snyder even considered casting actor Christian Bale in a different role in his Justice League universe just to demonstrate that Bale's Batman would be completely replaced. In the end, everyone got the idea.