15 Disney Princesses Reimagined by Amazing Artists


In almost every childhood, Disney films have made frequent appearances. We have come to know these characters very well, almost as if they were part of the family. But the characters that have a special place in our hearts are the princesses. The majority of Disney cartoon films involves them, and we are always happy to meet these new characters.

The Disney Princess is a classic figure in these movies. And while some of our more recent princesses have become more independent, we would like to see some more fun changes. How can we put a spin on the classic figure? A couple of amazingly talented and creative artist have taken this task upon themselves. These artists reimagined our favorite Disney princesses as pretty much everything under the sun.

One of these artists created a series of princesses as one of the coolest dinosaurs, the velociraptor. These raptor princesses sure do bring the sass and hunger. For those of us who have been asking for more realistic proportions in our Disney princesses, we have an artist who created more realistic waistlines.

Since Starwars has now joined the Disney family, it’s only natural that we have a crossover of these two styles. One artist reimagined Frozen’s Queen Elsa as an Ice Queen Sith Lord and Ariel as a Jedi Knight. How cool would it be to see a spin-off with Disney princesses as the main characters?

If you want to see more of what princesses would look like in real life or as different reimaginings, check out our video. Get ready to be blown away by 15 Disney Princesses Reimagined by Amazing Artist.