10 Wonder Woman Secrets That You Need To Know


When you think of the dc comic universe, which superheroes come to mind? Probably one of the big three pops into your head-- batman, superman, and the flash? Maybe wonder woman sneaks her way onto that list? Certainly she is in the top five— even though she really should be one of the first superheroes you think of when you hear dc comics.

Maybe she doesn’t pop into your head right away because you don’t know enough about her. Wonder woman has over sixty years of backstory to unravel, and as any comic book fan knows, being around for that long means there has probably been a couple of origin rewrites along the way. What do we really know about princess diana of themyscira? What is hiding behind those bracelets of submission and indestructible tiara?

Created by william moulton martson in 1941, diana was immediately a revolutionary figure and superhero. Leaving behind her homeland of themyscira and her amazonian people, wonder woman set off to protect the world. A founding member superhero team the justice league of america, wonder woman took her rightful place as one of the most formidable opponents in the universe. With the ability to pick up thor’s hammer to flying around the world and being able to defeat superman (when she’s not dating him), it’s no wonder diana prince can seem like a mystery.

Wonder woman has a lot of secrets! If only we could use the lasso of truth on her to get to the bottom of them all! For now, we are going to have to do our own detective work to separate the fact from the fiction.