10 Weird Innuendos In Kids Movies That Will Make You Feel Awkward


Disney is generally known as being a squeaky clean company with family friendly material. While Disney is certainly family friendly, the idea that Walt Disney Pictures are clean is a complete myth. Disney knows that if you want to make a family film, you have to appeal to the older people in the family too. That’s why Disney makes so many adult jokes that children just aren’t going to understand. Sometimes the innuendos they make can make you feel uncomfortable that they ever got into a kids film in the first place.

Like in The Incredibles in which Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl first meet, flirt like hell and even talk about how Bob needs to be more flexible. There’s even a reference to one superhero using his X-ray vision for non-heroic means. Frozen is no stranger to obscene references either.

When Krystoff and Anna argue over whether it’s smart to marry someone that you barely know, Krystoff asks if she even knows his shoe size. Anna replies that foot size doesn’t matter, which may or may not be true.

A Bug’s Life also has some rude jokes. Like when two flies yell over to the lady beetle Francis, that if he wants to pollinate with a real man, he should come and find them. They mistook Francis for a girl, and Francis goes completely rogue and threatens to take both of them on, leaving the David Hyde Pearce bug to intervene.