10 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Deadpool Had


As an anti-hero with a penchant for violence, Deadpool is light years away from your friendly neighborhood… anything. He’s quick on the trigger, and quicker with quips, but can just as easily pick you apart with his agility, superhuman strength and ridiculous endurance. Not many have gotten the best of him and that’s because few know how, so think of this as the official guide to defeating… or attempting to defeat, Deadpool. As you may have guessed, taking down one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes won’t be easy, but once we reveal 10 Weaknesses You Didn’t Know Deadpool Had, there might just be a chance.

Of course, for that chance to happen, you’ll have to have some tricks up your spandex. For example, if you could cure cancer, you could defeat Deadpool. Of course, there are way better reason to fight for a cure, taking down Deadpool is just one more check in the pro column. If you aren’t a doctor, or play one on TV, you could use Deadpool’s heart against him. We’re not sure if it’s still beating, but D-Pool is a softie when it comes to things like kittens and kids. One thing he hates, cows. So, if you live on a dairy farm, good chance you’re safe from the talkative assassin.

Another option is just to feed him. Deadpool loves to eat, and his appetite has cost him more than chance to be a topnotch hero. At least one hero may have the right stuff to stop Deadpool, and that would be Wolverine. Maybe. Definitely if had the Muramasa Blade, that weapon might give Deadpool issues.

One thing that always gives everyone’s favorite anti-hero is his own writers. Where are they at on this list? Click play, and Like while you’re at it, and find out.