10 Ways Wonder Woman Is Better Than Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice


In a world full of comic book movies that feature male protagonists, we needed a female hero. Sure, there are female characters in the films of DC and Marvel, but they are always secondary characters. They could all totally carry their own movie but haven’t been given the chance, until now. The amazing Patty Jenkins has created gold with the Wonder Woman film.

Although following the action gratuitous Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice created an immense amount of pressure and expectations, Patty created a DC film that pleased family and comic book fans alike. The amazing Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. But what makes this film so great? Aside from Gal and Patty? Some of these include fleshes out supporting characters that we actually get to know and care about. This film unlike Batman v Superman, had villains with clear motivations and intentions, we are looking at you Lex Luthor.

Most superhero films need a good sense of humor and plot coherence, which BvS did not have. BvS also lacked heroes with a clear moral compass, which Wonder Woman totally has. The sense of adventure and great romance in Wonder Woman, couple with great comedic moments made for an awesome film. Plus we have a hero who is actually heroic, we don’t question her actions, we know she’s a hero. Plus add in the amazing visual palette in Wonder Woman and add the hope and optimism that comic books are famous for and you’ve got yourself a hit.