10 Ways The Guardians of the Galaxy Would Beat The Avengers


One team protects planet Earth. Some of the threats come from within the planet and other threats, like in the first Avengers film, come from outer space. The Avengers have proven capable and effective at keeping the planet safe.

The other team presides over the cosmos, protecting all sorts of planets and species from big baddies. The rag tag team of superheroes who didn’t always have the best intentions have also proven capable of protecting the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy have taken on a Celestial and won! That is impressive!

The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy could not be more different. We love them both all the same. While we fully expect them to be on the same side in Avengers: Infinity War, wouldn’t it be just as fun to see them go at it? It is possible when they meet for the first time they are not going to get along. We know Tony doesn’t always play well with others.

We think Guardians would be The Avengers. Hear us out! Groot could take Hulk and the team on with one of his little branches. Iron Man and Rocket are both the tech geeks of the teams. Rocket’s advantage is he has technology Stark hasn’t even invented yet. Which includes Star Lord’s anti-gravity mines. The Avengers are mostly enhanced beings who need technology. Star Lord is a celestial whose powers may be limitless if he still has them.

We set the battlefield, we will be dealing primarily with the MCU versions of both teams, so let’s start going head to head!