10 Villains Who Should Be In Spiderman Homecoming


Spider Man Homecoming is about to swing into theaters and will offer long time fans a new and updated look at one of the web slingers oldest villains: Vulture. But what if the winged menace wasn’t the chosen villain to battle Tom Holland’s Spider Man? Marvel definitely have some great options to chose from. Marvel villains in the comics are some of the most memorable villains of all time, yet they don’t always hit their true potential on the big screen. With villains like these ones though, they definitely could. Who could say no to a Spider-Man and Venom crossover, with the recently cast Tom Hardy as Venom bridging the MCU and Sony’s cinematic universes together? Once they’ve had a moment, they’d likely have to team up to fight the harrowing and terrifying Carnage. Most epic crossover ever? It doesn’t stop there either. Big bads such as Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, Chameleon and Scorpion could all have parts to play and even the supernaturally inclined like Morlun could make a splash on the big screen to spice things up. Another great opportunity in the making is having Netflix’s own Kingpin, who is best known for being the villain in the Daredevil show, crossover to the big screen in a Spidey movie. Kingin is one of Spider Man’s top foes as well as Daredevil’s so using him to bridge the TV world and the cinematic one makes all the sense in the world. Who knows who we’ll see in future Spidey movies, but we are excited at the prospects!