10 Villains Who Actually Love Their Superhero Rivals


A superhero comes in many shapes and sizes and some may even say a hero is only good as his super powers, or awesome gadgetry in the case of Batman. But with every great hero comes a great origin story, in most cases anyway. However, we know that behind every great hero is an even greater villain and arch nemesis. They’re the foil to our favorite heroes, and sometimes they are even their reason for wanting to constantly fight crime. Sometimes their hatred of each other turns into something more, like respect and sometimes even love. Take a look at the most popular and well-known example of this: Batman and the Joker. The Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Darkness are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse, and why? Well, they pretty much complete each other, at one point, Bats even accuses the Joker of having love in his eyes for him. Another one of these examples if Lex Luthor and Superman. Though they disagree a lot, they do respect each other. Once the Man of Steel is gone, the new 52 Lex Luthor takes his place, a little too much maybe?

How about Venom’s scornful bond with Spider-man? Well we know that the symbiote goes a little coo coo because it is initially rejected by Peter Parker. Which initiates the symbiotes hatred for the webhead, but really it just wants to be loved by Peter. Even after it becomes good again, it tries to rejoin Peter but is once again rejected. Ouch! Want to know what other villains actually love their superhero counterparts? Watch our video and find out.