10 Villains That Need To Be In Spider-Man Homecoming 2


By all accounts, Spider-Man: Homecoming was an incredible success, both at the box office and with the critics. Considering the webbed hero was on its third franchise reboot, the stakes were pretty high. That, and the caliber of Marvel Cinematic Universe films coming out these days is so high, Spidey needed to shoot high. With a monster opening day at the box office and universal praise from critics and fans alike, this feature film is already proving to be one of the MCU’s finest. Even the picture’s main villain – the Vulture as portrayed by Academy Award nominee Michael Keaton – is being relatively well-received.

MCU movies have largely been criticized for their lackluster antagonists. Movies either have too many or too few, they don’t spend enough time building the backstory or care about it too much. You get the picture. Fortunately for Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, Spider-Man lore is chocked-full of fan-favorite baddies. Who would we like to see make it into the second film?

From Venom to Scorpion, and more obscure characters like Shriek, Mister Negative, and Prowler, there are more than a handful of villains that could make their way into a sequel. We would love to see Kingpin transfer from television to film. Maybe this franchise can do their take on Norman Osborne. Writers could also start completely fresh and try Mysterio or Chameleon.

Some are certainly more likely than others, but each deserves an opportunity to shine on the big screen in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 for one reason or another. We are here to take a look at those reasons.