10 Video Gamers who became filthy rich


Everyone’s had the thought - I could be a professional gamer. I love games, I’m good at them. I’m… SLOW the frag down there, hoss. It takes a lot more than being number one on the leader-board to earn serious bank in the modern gaming world. You need a few additional…(throat clear) assets. Yes, you gotta be handy with a controller, but you need to bring something else to the table. Maybe your natural charm, or your knowledge of video game history combined with quality conversational skills. Or, you could simply be extremely, ridiculously, good-looking. If you can combine what makes you awesome with the dedication needed to wake up at the crack of noon, drink Mountain Dew all day, and frag fools with a smile, than you may find yourself on the next list of 10 People Who Became Filthy Rich Off Video Games.