10 Versions Of Venom That You Never Knew Existed


When sony announced that they were moving full steam ahead on a solo venom movie — possibly as a totally separate project from spider-man: homecoming — due for a release date as soon as october 5th, 2018, it’d be no exaggeration to say that lots of people were bowled over with surprise. It’s been a long time since the world’s most famous symbiotic supervillain last saw the big screen, all the way back in sam raimi’s spider-man 3, and most fans weren’t expecting to see those grinning white teeth again for a while yet.

Venom’s unexpectedly rapid return to movie theaters has resulted in a lot of speculation and theories, but one massive question looms above all of the others: which version of venom will headline the film?

Realistically, we can probably expect that the film will star the classic venom, eddie brock, since he’s by far the most recognized character. (he’s also the one that’s making headlines over in comic book land at the moment.) But nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the comics have actually given us a lot of different versions of venom, from the weird to the very weird. There’s been female venoms, soldier venoms, and even dinosaur venoms, all linked by the same living alien costume. So as we await more news about how venom will be portrayed in sony’s film, let’s review 10 versions of this alien symbiote that you never knew existed.