10 Versions Of Spider-Man That You Never Knew Existed


Since being created in 1962, Spider-Man has taken the world by storm. Ever since his creation by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko he’s been a runaway success making billions and billions of dollars for the entertainment juggernaut. But of course, they’re can’t just be the regular version of the character. This is comic books after all and things have to get crazy. That leads to a whole host of alternate takes on the character.

Some of these versions try and stick for the most part with the status quo. For example, what if Spider-Man joined up with the Fantastic Four at the very start of his career? Or what if he had a daughter who became Spider-Girl and he’s now working at a police station? Those are pretty tame compared to what we’re going to see later on.

How about a Spider-Man who not only uses his web shooters to save the day, but also Hostess twinkies? Because Vulture really cannot withstand the tasty empty calories apparently. Or how about a world where Spider-Man has become a cannibal and the Punisher must be sent in to put a stop to his rampage? Or how about a Spider-Man who starred as the villain in a Turkish action movie leading a criminal gang versus Captain America and famed luchador El Santo? Oh yeah, we have all here. Here are 10 Versions Of Spider-Man You Didn’t Know Existed.