10 Venom Comic Ideas Well Never See In The Movie


If the Venom is coursing through your veins it may be too late to save yourself. All you can hope for is that he just get’s tired of your butt and dumps you for another. Although, as we’re about to learn some of Venom’s choices are getting in the way some juicy movie adaptations. Like when Venom tried to pay penance for all his evil deeds to go undercover as a Nun to bust up a criminal gang in the most violent way. Hell hath no fury like a Ven-Nun scorned! Then there’s a Creationist-like bend that Venom fused to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the set-up to Old Man Logan set in a parallel universe, driving around in the Spider-Mobile in post Apocalyptic America with blind Hawkeye. We didn’t see this in the Logan movie and we won’t see it in a Venom one either. An interesting vehicle is the Venom-Mobile! Venom takes control of an old heap for a high speed chase. As awesome as it sounds this upgrade is in neutral. The Holidays are able to bring the best out in people, including the black symbiote. Venom goes undercover to bust some thieves. Seriously though! A Venom Christmas flick is going nowhere, unless he plays the Grinch. And what’s up with the Deadpool connection? DP’s the first to adopt the suit but he tossed it to the curb and set up Parker’s first Venom encounter. The time the Bullseye bull’s eyed Venom’s peeper with a poodle would make us howl but it could creep us the Hell out! She-Venom, a short lived gender swap did just that. Again she was short lived. Venom can make mistakes too, like reuniting with Spider-Man who’s being controlled by Doctor Octopus - complicated. Red Hulk, Ghost Rider and Venom in one form, plus the chopper equals sooo much awesomeness that it’ll probably never happen - #XFiles. And for closers having Spidey whack Venom to good and hanging up his suit. God! That’s a reality none of us want to face.