10 Useless Superpowers Thor Has


Thor is one of Marvel’s most powerful beings, whether it’s on the page of the comic books or in the MCU on the big screen. But despite all his power, he does have some useless superpowers under his cape. But unlike most superheroes, who have utterly useless and questionably weak or bizarre powers, Thor’s powers generally extend to being so powerful they beg the question when could he actually safely use them without harming innocent lives? He can make earthquakes that can shake a whole continent and cause huge mudslides and avalanches. He can launch solar flares out of his hammer. He also has a beserker mode called Warrior’s Madness, which turns him into a huge rage monster not unlike the Hulk, where he can’t fully control his actions. This makes him a huge risk to his allies. His super breath can make hurricanes and he can manipulate antimatter particles with his hammer, Mjolnir. He’s also not the brightest hero out there, often thinking first and acting later. The whole first Thor movie is a reflection of this. He can make it rain, which doesn’t do anyone much good and also has a mortal human alter ego, which is pretty odd considering he’s basically a god and likes to remind everyone who he is. Thor is also bound to the life force of his hammer, so anything bad that happens to it, happens to him and vice versa. He also has an ability called god blast, which could have dire consequences for all around him upon use. Talk about overkill there.