10 Useless Superpowers Superman Has


If you are going to be one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, you better have a powerful arsenal to back that up. Thankfully, Superman has an extraordinary array of abilities that go unmatched in the universe. Over time he has succeeded at some truly awesome feats. Ever since The Man of Steel’s first appearance in DC’s Action Comics #1, Superman has gained some truly impressive skills.

As characters develop, so do their powers. They need to change with the times, develop innovative ways to use their powers, and gain more abilities as they evolve. However, that doesn’t always mean the powers they gain are useful. Sometimes a character gets some truly useless ability that only gets used once. Then it shoved to the back of the shelf never to be heard from again. That is, until we went dusting off all the old shelves to uncover all the superpowers that no longer are useful.

That even goes for the man who is faster than a speeding bullet. Did you know that Superman can also do super-math as well? That doesn’t sound too special, does it? He also can disarm bombs with his dancing skills. There is the time he could make a mini Superman shoot out of his hands. He weaved Lois Lane a wedding dress with super-weaving abilities. He also kissed her in Superman II and gave her amnesia. These are just a few of the most useless things Superman can do. We don’t want to shock you too much, but prepare yourself for all the useless things The Man of Steel can do.