10 Upcoming DC Movies That Will Change Everything


With comic book films taking over the box office, it’s no surprise that they are all stepping up their game. Marvel has set a fierce path for franchises and blockbuster team ups that many are intending to follow. DC and Warner Bros are hot on their trail. With Wonder Woman setting the path for epic female superheroes, it looks like they are banking on that buzz with all the projects they have in the works. Naturally, they have a Wonder Woman sequel in the works, we would be disappointed if they didn’t. The next film that’s coming up is the much anticipated Justice League film. We love team ups and this puts some of DC’s major players on screen, except for Superman, who we hope somehow makes an appearance. Aquaman will be seen in the Justice League but he also has his own solo film coming out. Although he hasn’t been taken too seriously in the past, we think Jason Momoa will bring some real toughness to Arthur Curry don’t you? We are also in need of some strong female characters, so who better than Batgirl? Joss Whedon is in talks of directing and writing the film, so we are confident he will bring a kickass Barbara Gordon to life. And speaking of Bats, we do have a new Batman, so when is he going to get his own solo film? Watch our video to find out who made our list, we promise you won’t regret it.