10 Untold Truths About The Joker


While it’s easy for people to think that they understand the Joker via the most popular depictions of him outside of the comic books – the Joker in print is a very different character. Whether it be the lack of some crazy tattoos, his personality or is actually state of sanity, the Joker certainly changes quite a bit over each comic book arc and movie. Each time it’s a little different, whether it be his treatment of women, his initial inspirations, his view on sidekicks and Harley Quinn to just how far he’ll go to make a point. Even more surprising is learning the fact that the Joker actually doesn’t believe he’s evil nor might he not be insane. He’s inspired heavily by another DC oddball, Watchmen’s own The Comedian, who has a belief that life is all one big joke and it’s clear that Alan Moore decided to work with this idea when it came to his version of the Clown Prince of Crime. Furthermore, when it comes down to hunting our favorite caped crusader, the Joker actually has a very interesting aptitude where he lures him out simply by thinking like Batman. What a skill! We wouldn’t want anyone like that hunting us down. So strap in for some amazing facts on the Joker!