10 Unresolved Mysteries Of Disney Movies That Left Fans Hanging


Did you know “Moana’s” Maui had four brothers according to Polynesian mythology? So where are they in the film? Will Ursula have a bigger role in Disney’s “The Descendants 3?” We have questions about “The Little Mermaid,” Cars 3”, “Up,” and “Toy Story” too. And then there’s Jack Jack, from “The Incredibles!” We are dying to see what he will accomplish as a full grown superhero.

Disney movies are packed full of secrets and mysteries. Some of them are too enticing and leave us yearning to solve these burning questions. Thankfully, we were able to get to the bottom of a few of these unresolved mysteries. You won’t believe the deleted scene from “Finding Dory,” that we found. After working on it for two years, they cut it! It involves a certain tank gang from “Finding Nemo.” Here are 10 Unresolved Mysteries of Disney Movies That Left Fans Hanging.” Enjoy!