10 Unknown Ironman Secrets Marvel Tried To Keep Classified


It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when Iron Man was not a household name. Before the first Iron Man film was released, Iron Man was not known outside of the comic book world. This all changed when Jon Favreau took the reigns as director and created Marvel Studios first film and it took the world by storm. The film set precedence for all of the other Marvel films and they all had big shoes to fill. Iron Man was a box office hit, but what if we told you that this wasn’t what was expected? Oh yes, a lot of Hollywood expect Marvel Studios first film to flop. After all, how would a studio who only does comic books be able to make a successful film about a character no one really knew? Well they did and now they’ve taken over, with 3 movies planned to be released every year. But Iron Man was not without hitches. Aside from the doubt, Jon Favreau was actually not the first choice for director, Tarantino was actually on that list. Well Jon was not the first but he was certainly the right choice. Also, studio execs had planned on Tom Cruise or a star of that caliber to play the superhero but Jon wanted someone a little more unknown, he wanted the character of Iron Man to actually be the star. Want to know what other secrets from the Iron Man films made our list? Watch our video and find out.