10 TV Show Moments You Can't Believe Aired


The popular Nielsen rating system just released findings and boy are you in for a surprise. The average viewer consumer 5 hours and four minutes of TV per day. If you calculate it up for the week it comes to a weekly total of 35 hours and 28 minutes. That’s almost a full time job. Breaking Bad blows up Gus Fring’s face and shows it half burnt to us. House of Cards throws its main characters in front of a bus so unexpectedly your heart leaps from its chest. Jimmy Kimmel lets the world know his girlfriend is with Matt Damon. HBO’s Girls, have its actor get on all fours and do the unthinkable. Scandal airs a woman chewing through her wrist. Jersey Shore shows Snooki getting punched in the face. American Horror Story is just all around filled episode to episode, scene to scene with WTF, how was this allowed to be aired moments. South Park is another one of those how can any of this be allowed. How did they get away with saying this word so many times. Sopranos was so disappointing it should have been a criminal offense what they did to its viewers with the series ending. Game of Thrones has its most love to despise her characters do the walk of shame naked. Well, there you have it. These were some moments that probably shouldn’t have been aired on TV.