10 TV Episodes That Were Banned After Airing Only Once Videos


In today’s age, it’s easy to catch up on your favorite shows. Along with their first-airing, episodes can be recorded on DVRs, downloaded instantly through multiple platforms, and streamed online through a lot of official websites. Years ago, when an episode premiered, you would have to watch it when it first aired or wait for it to go through the syndication cycle. In some cases, shows would be so controversial that the episodes would never make it to that cycle. Protests, fan complaints, or ill-timed plot options would force the episode to disappear from the line-up and create urban legends about their existence.

There were hundreds of episodes of The Twilight Zone, but among all of the scary elements and content, only one was ever banned from making it to air again. The new remake of Hawaii Five-O has a lot of great stories, but the show will probably never touch the banned episode of the original series that featured a character’s hanging. South Park has covered all types of subjects, but nothing compares to an episode that they were forced to censor due to real threats. You would never think that a children’s show like Sesame Street would need to get banned, but that’s exactly what happened back in the 1970’s. The same thing also happened with the beloved favorite Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Cartoon Network has always pushed the limit with some of their cartoons, but the content of a Dexter’s Laboratory episode may have pushed things way too far. Other shows with banned episodes includes Bevis and Butthead, Tiny Toon Adventures, Seinfeld, and the Disney classic series TaleSpin.