10 Times Superheroes Broke Their Own Rules


You gotta love superheroes, wether they’re from Marvel or DC. They risk their lives everyday in order to ensure that their respective cities-or the planet at large, are safe from harm. They usually do this by stopping the villain and apprehending him or her, usually by locking them up in some insane prison that only superheroes would build. But what happens when superheroes break their own rules? The consequences are extreme. From Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman going over the edge and making it lights out forever, to Daredevil, better known as Matt Murdock to some, a lawyer by day and champion of the law, ending a life. The Punisher decided that wiping out the ENTIRE MARVEL roster was a good idea once and even the boy scout Spider Man went too far once, albeit due to some wacky reasons. Then there’s Wolverine-who decided blood isn’t thicker than water. Not all the rules have to do with taking life though-the Flash decided to meddle with time and he ultimately changed many things for the worse because of it, including seeing Aquaman and Wonder Woman doing some terrible things in their new time lines. Green Lantern himself Hal Jordan once succumbed to rage and broke all the Lantern rings and cause some serious damage across the galaxy. Sometimes, we have to be grateful superheroes don’t exist. They may be blessed with awesome powers that cause us to fanboy like crazy, but when those superbeings end up making the wrong choices, the consequences may be unpleasant. With great power INDEED.