10 Times Spider-Man and Iron Man Team Up


Superheroes are some of our most iconic idols. Sure, they might be drawn, cartoons, and completely made up, even the live action ones. But we love them anyway for what they represent. What gets us more pumped than superheroes? How about when they team up to fight crime and do awesome superhero things?

With the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film to hit theatres this summer, it is no surprise that fans everywhere are excited about the Iron Man and Spider-Man team up. But what if we told you this epic team up isn’t the first time Spidey and Iron Man teamed up? They both are super smart and have super powers, sounds like a match made in heaven so of course the creatures would throw them together more than once. In the 70s, Marvel Comics created the Marvel Team-UP book and in 73 they brought Spidey and Tony together for issues 9 through 11. They also joined forces again in issued 72 of the Marvel Team-Up book and defeated Whiplash and Wraith. After the Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Siege, Spider-Man and Iron Man team up once again but are also joined by the New Avengers and Young Avengers. The original Secret Wars in 1984, marked one of the biggest team ups for Spidey and Iron Man as well as one of the biggest team ups in the Marvel Comics Universe. Want to know about more of Iron Man and Spider-Man’s team ups? Watch our video to find out, we promise you won’t be disappointed.