10 Times Pixar Got Way Too Dark For Kids


Pixar Animation Studios has a way of weaving really dark moments into its kids movies. Sure, it’s not uncommon for family movies to touch on some mature themes to try and teach kids a useful lesson about the world. But sometimes Pixar goes way too far and these moments become too dark even for adults! We’ll look at Toy Story, and the memorable scenes involving Sid. In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo is forced to watch his own dad die! In A Bug’s Life, one character’s death is a little too gruesome for a family-friendly film. Monsters, Inc. could be compared to a Saw movie in one pivotal scene! Ratatouille also features a father teaching his son a lesson in a rather chilling fashion. Finding Nemo again confronts death in a truly heartbreaking opening scene. Oh and speaking of confronting death in an opening scene, Up definitely makes our list for its opening montage. The Incredibles features a heartbreaking family moment. Inside Out teaches us that even the silliest characters can make us cry. Finally, Toy Story 3 goes super dark with one scene that will even make the adults shed a tear. We hope you enjoy this list of some of Pixar’s dark and twisted moments that we can’t believe made it into a kids movie. If you enjoy this video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to Screen Rant on YouTube for more awesome content! We’ve got tons of Disney and Pixar content to satisfy your binge-watching needs!