10 Times Pixar Characters Were Spotted In Other Films


Pixar films always have some sort of easter egg in them. Mostly they are toys of characters from other movies.

Flik, Heimlich, and Dim are spotted in Al’s toy barn when Buzz is trying to locate Woody in Toy Story 2. When a few Monsters are sweeping the floor of a training room in Monsters University, Pixar foreshadowed a toy of Arlo in their next movie The Good Dinosaur. We all know that Wall-E is a kleptomaniac and behind some bowling pins in his home we can see Rex from Toy Story. Boo and Sully have a great relationship and what better way to show someone you care than sharing your toys with them? Boo presents Sully with a Jessie doll and a Nemo. It seems like Doc Hudson was taking a break from his time in Radiator Springs to watch the Incredibles fight a giant robot. Lotso seemed to finally find another home when we catch a glimpse of him in Up, right as Carl unleashes his balloons and takes off on his trip. When Joy from Inside Out shows us some of Riley’s memories, we see Forrest Woodbush from The Good Dinosaur. Riley was then spotted in Finding Dory at the Marine Life Institute when Dory found Destiny. When Merida was trying to change her fate and came across the witch, we can see a carving of Sully in her house. The poor boy in Finding Nemo waiting to get a check up was reading a Mr. Incredible comic book while hearing Darla scream. Well, have you seen any or all of these characters in other Pixar movies before today?