10 Times Nickelodeon Shows Crossed Over


For years, Nick shows have been shown in blocks where they air back-to-back after each other. In some cases our young minds were blown when characters and full shows crossed over with each other. We saw crazy plots, characters we never thought would mix, and some of the biggest showdowns between Nick favorites. Take a look back at 10 times these shows crossed over.

The Rugrats have their own set of adventures, but one of the scariests they came across were the evil monsters from Ahh! Real Monsters. Jimmy Neutron may have been animated in Cg, but this didn’t didn’t stop Timmy Turner from entering his world in the Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour crossover series. A special episode of Victorious featured an April Fool’s Prank that featured several stars from other Nick shows like iCarly. The Loud House is known for honoring classic Nick shows and in one episode they featured a great crossover including the classic Nick game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. The Rugrats and Rocket Power crossed over in an unexpected place as a comic book was published with all the characters mixing it up together. Too bad a real show wasn’t made. In the ultimate theatrical crossover, the Rugrats third big-screen adventure mixed the characters up with the crew of the Wild Thronberrys. Henry Danger has brought his heroics to multiple shows including one of the newest hits: Game Shakers. In Danger Games, the characters battle an evil villain as Henry tries to keep his identity a secret. Watch to see all these Nick crossovers and several others!