10 Times Iron Man Was Defeated By Other Superheroes


For all of Tony Stark’s genius, money and tech at his disposal, he’s not invulnerable. He’s created one of the most powerful superhero suits in modern time yet even that can’t stop him from the anger or cunning from a well prepared adversary. Many superheroes in the Marvel universe and fought and won against Iron Man. Those including Homecoming’s own Spider Man, who actually took out his anger on Tony after the death of someone close to him. The Winter Soldier, The Black Panther, Black Widow and Kitty Pryde have all found interesting ways to take out the Avenger, from using Mr. Clean to phasing through him to disrupt the technology in the suit. Black Window even played Tony for a fool, tricking him into defeat. Thor and Hulk on the other hand gave him epic beat downs. While Hulk’s definitely was painful, we gotta say that Thor’s may have been the most epic-and brutal-on this list. We definitely don’t want to get on Thor’s badside. Even Cable had it in for Iron Man at one point, as did Psylocke and Tony’s romantic interest, Miss Pepper Potts. We were equally surprised to learn that she once picked up an Iron suit and used it against Tony Stark in what was surely a much deserved whooping. Despite all this though, Tony still remains one of our favorite characters in the Marvel roster! Even if he did deserve some of his loses. We can’t all be perfect, no matter what Tony thinks.