10 Times Groot Was The Best Part Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies


There was a time when people called Marvel crazy for making a big, lighthearted outer space flick starring a talking tree and a smart-aleck raccoon. Why did Marvel and its cinematic universe need to travel back into outer space when they already had Thor? The Avengers were busy holding it down on Earth. Did we really need another superhero team?

These days everyone loves the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The combination of weird sci-fi exploits, rascally heroes, an “Awesome Mix,” and a whole lotta heart has proven to be a winner with audiences across the world. Previously unknown heroes like Star-Lord and Gamora have become household names.

Everyone has their favorite Guardian. Arguably the single most unexpected hero that has risen to the forefront is Groot, the Flora Colossus from Planet X. Groot is both the team’s powerhouse and its most innocent, wide-eyed member. He is also Rocket’s muscle and best friend, even if Rocket won’t admit it. Though Groot’s been through some hefty transformations throughout the films, the kindness, oddness, and cheerful smile of the character has only grown more lovable over time.

Groot has some of the best moments in both the films. Don’t even get us started with all the adorable baby Groot scenes. Baby Groot helping Yondu. All his dancing in the opening of Volume 2. When Rocket is explaining the nuclear button to him. Not that grown up Groot isn’t awesome too, getting the battery or eating leaves off himself. Or when Groot is introduced in the first film. Seriously, is there ever going to be too much Groot? We don’t think so.