10 Tim Burton Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed


Tim Burton is know his distinct style, designs, and characters that he infuses into his films. The producer and director is very aware of small details he inserts into stories. This is why his films are filled with so many layers and details fans may not discover until years later. Look back on these films and some of the crazy Easter Eggs you never noticed.

The opening to Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure showcases Pee-Wee making breakfast using a crazy machine that features all types of different dials and designs. A very similar machine is showcased in the film Big Fish. In Mars Attacks, the film is filled with aliens, but there is also a clown from Batman Returns that makes a brief appearance. Jack Skellington may not have made his official film debut in The Nightmare Before Christmas. The character appears in a small cameo during a key scene in Beetlejuice. The Joker’s face got transformed because of Smilex and it turns out that the same company appears in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Mayor in Frankenweenie is not just named Mayor Burgermeister for a random reason. It has a connection to a holiday classic. Big Fish is filled with a lot of big moments, but it also includes a little detail on Ed Bloom’s tie. The masks on the evil kids in a Nightmare Before Christmas are actually referenced from an old horror film about witches. One of Burton’s newest films is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and it features a nice Easter egg dedication to Edward Scissorhands. Speaking of eggs, Tim Burton has had some pretty peculiar egg scenes in many of his films. Watch to see all these Easter Eggs come to life.