10 Things You NEED To Know About The Future Of The MCU


Oh Marvel, how we love you and your amazing characters and your amazing films that families and friends of all ages can enjoy. Marvel Studios has created films that are pure fun, with some sassy dialogue, great characters, and an engaging plot. But what’s most exciting for us is the fact that we can see our favorite comic book characters of our childhood come to life.

With these comic book films becoming more popular and the franchise growing, we can’t help but wonder...what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We know that their plan now includes releasing three films per year, which started this year with Guardians of the Galaxy.

With so many TV shows and films, have you ever wondered if they will cross over at some point? We’d love to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage cross paths with the Avengers.

Have you thought what about what happens to our favorite actors who have become iconic for their superhero roles? Can you even picture anyone else as Iron Man or Captain America?

Did you know that Marvel, like DC, is planning to release their first female driven super hero film? And we know that Deadpool was a successful R-rated film, but Marvel isn’t planning on going that route, especially now that they work with Disney. But there are big changes coming, especially after the end of phase 3. There are a few things that we can rejoice in, and that’s the addition of big name actors, and the possibility of all the Marvel characters returning to Marvel Studios so they can be used in films. Spider-Man is also set to appear in multiple films, does this mean we can expect more team-ups like Iron man and Spider-Man? We hope so. Check out our video to find out more about the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.