10 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase1


Fans of comic book movies have been living in a golden age for two decades now. Following the dark ages of the 1990s (a decade that brought us abominations like Steel and Batman and Robin), the genre slowly began to turn things around.

For over twenty years now comic book fans have been living in the golden age of superhero movies. This comes after the dreaded ages of the 1990s with Batman and Robin and Steel. But now things have turned around. Blade and X-Men once again showed the world that superhero films didn’t have to suck. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogies showed us that superhero films could be amazing. Then came the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which raised the bar even further and all but forced every other studio in the industry to build a shared universe of its own.

Since 2008, the MCU had grown by leaps and bounds to include 15 films, six shows (with three more on the way), short films, and comic tie-ins.

Now it’s time to go back to the beginning and re-visit the phase that started it all. How much was Robert Downey Jr. paid for his first outing as Tony Stark? Who was originally cast as Black Widow but had to cede the role to Scarlett Johansson? Which Avenger turned down his part several times before finally signing on?

Find out all this and more when we count down 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The MCU Phase 1.