10 things we need to see in the venom movie


Spiderman may be getting ready to swing back into theaters soon with the release of Homecoming but we can’t forget about another web swinger who’ll be hitting theaters in 2018. We are of course referring to the Venom movie! There’s already plenty of excitement circling this one and we really hope they get it right. The movie is going to be made over at Sony and they have a ton of options to pull from and themes to decide on. Whether Venom will be Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson, if Carnage will play a part as the villain of the series and whether it’ll tie into a new Venom/spiderman cinematic universe. The film also has to decide on a tone, if it’ll follow the example set by Spiderman and be a lighter and more adventure filled spectacle for all or if it’ll go down the road of Logan and tell a more mature tale, one that perhaps ditches the PG-13 rating as many non-Marvel Studio films are doing over the past year. There are a lot of variables going on here and we can’t wait to see what the final product will be-let’s just hope it’s nothing like the version of Venom that we got in Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3...not letting that one go anytime soon.