10 Things We Need To See In The Harley Quinn Solo Movie


Although the reviews of this year's Suicide Squad movie have been mixed at best, there were some aspects of the movie that were almost universally praised. One of those was Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

The Aussie actress excelled in the role of the Joker's insane but strangely likeable girlfriend - and she looked gorgeous in the process. It's no surprise, therefore, that Warner Brothers and DC have already made plans for a spin-off solo movie for the character. That made us think about what we'd like to see going on in that movie - and that's what this video is all about.

Here are 10 things we need in the Harley Quinn solo movie.

More About Her Origins

Suicide Squad certainly touched upon Harley Quinn's origins - she was working at Arkham Asylum as the Joker's psychiatrist, fell in love with him, and was ultimately driven insane by him - but they're so interesting that we'd really like to see them explored in a deeper manner in her solo movie.

It doesn't need to be an origin movie - that would mean setting it in the past, and we'd really like to see the DCEU progressing chronologically - but seeing how Dr. Harleen Quinzel turned into Harley Quinn in a little more detail would undoubtedly be interesting.

Her Classic Costume

In the Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn did wear a costume reminiscent of the more recent comic books in which she has appeared, but fans of the character would really like to see her wearing her more iconic and classic jester costume on screen.

It was briefly shown in the movie - in the scene when the members of the titular team were choosing their accessories for their mission - but Margot Robbie's character didn't wear it. However, the fact that it has been shown to exist in the DCEU means we're really expecting her to don it at some point - and her solo movie is the most obvious platform of opportunity to make that happen.

The Joker

Harley Quinn's movie should definitely focus mainly on her - and it could be argued that bringing in other characters with huge personalities could be detrimental to its charm - but there's no way a Harley Quinn movie should ever be made without an appearance from The Joker.

Not only is the Clown Prince of Gotham synonymous with Harley, but we also didn't see anywhere near enough of Jared Leto's version of the character in Suicide Squad - and any opportunity to see more of what that version is all about would be welcomed by most fans (and by Jared Leto himself, of course).


Having just stated that Barbara Gordon should be the hero going up against Harley Quinn in the latter's solo movie, you're probably wondering what Batman is doing on this list. But, come on man, you can't have a Harley movie without the character who enabled her to exist in the first place.

Harley was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series and has lived in his world ever since. Their relationship is an interesting one. Although they're classically foes, there's clearly sexual tension between the pair and that would be interesting to see explored. Moreover, getting to see Ben Affleck's Batman on screen again should be okay in everybody's book - he's awesome.

Easter Eggs & References Galore

Harley Quinn is such an interesting and wacky character with such a rich history - albeit a brief one in comic book terms - that all kinds of awesome Easter eggs and references could be included in her solo movie. That's exactly what we want to see happen.

For instance, a reference to Batman: The Animated Series - the show in which the character first appeared - would be very cool to see, as would links and references to other characters she has associated with in various ways, like Power Girl, Holly Robinson, Nightwing and the Ventriloquist. Essentially, Harley's movie could be used to potentially expand the DCEU in many different ways, with some of the quirkiest Easter eggs in comic book movie history.