10 Things We Already Know About Deadpool 2


I scream, you scream , we all scream for more Deadpool. The foul-mouthed and ill-tempered anti-hero was a huge hit with fans and critics when it debuted last year. The movie cost less than $60 million to make, and has made almost $800 million back. That kind of money buys a lot of chimichangas and Bea Arthur posters.

It also guarantees a sequel. Within weeks of release it was obvious another Deadpool adventure was hitting theaters, but details have been scarce… till now. CBR is here to fill you on everything that is currently known about Wade Wilson’s second attempt at not being a superhero.

The release date of the film was recently announced, letting fans know how long they have to wait. Along with the day you can finally see more of the Merc With A Mouth, the films star, Ryan Reynolds, has begun putting out photos of himself set. Publicly announcing that the sequel is now being filmed.

Several of the cast members will be returning for another go in Deadpool's crazy world. A few X-Men are returning for the ride, along with the majority of the supporting cast including Vanessa, Weasel, and Blind Al - and of course loyal cabbie Dopinder.

Almost all of the creative is back, including the films writers and producers. However, not everyone is returning as the director of the first film departed Deadpool’s 2 production over creative differences.

A new movie means new cast, and Deadpool 2 is bringing in heavy hitters like Domino and Cable. Rich and complex characters with plenty of backstory related to Deadpool. Oh, while it’s all rumors, all three have been known to be part of a little group called the X-Force. Will Deadpool 2 properly form the offshoot of the X-Men?