10 Things Venom Can Do That Spider-Man Can't


Venom is one of the well known villains in the Spider-Man and Marvel Universe. He is also one of the most terrifying ones of all time. But why is that? What makes him so scary? Venom has so many different abilities, some of which Peter Parker wishes he had. So what exactly can Venom do that Spider-Man cant?

The venom symbiote can evolve. Meaning it can adapt and change to fits its environment and its host. It also gains the hosts unique abilities. Venom’s power fluctuates based on how much the host hates Spider-Man, now that’s some deep seeded grudges. Venom also generates endless webbing unlike Spider-Man who has been known to run out.

Venom can also shape shift and constantly change completely, even giving the host incredible fashion sense. Peter Parker can’t just change on a whim, and he can’t camouflage or go invisible either, bummer. One odd but amazing power that Venom has is the ability to regrow its host’s limbs back if they are missing any. Odd power for such an evil villain don’t you think? Well how about one that’s more fitting? Venom can also turn its body into whatever weapons it wants to. Venom can also help its host breath underwater. Why and how? Also, oddly enough, Venom can insert itself into the internet, yes we know this sounds crazy, but hey Peter Parker can’t do it.