10 Things Venom Can Do That No Other Superhero Can


Venom is a firecrafter that’s glued to the tip of an nuclear missile. He feeds off of the fear of it’s hosts. He’s hardcore! He also packs a dizzying and weird collection of powers. Rising to the occasion to bring an end to the end of the world as Ghost Rider, Red Hulk and Eddie Brock. Juggernaut forced Venom into a situation that endowed him with greater strength and more arms. Even greater in imagination is the V-Rex. One part Venom. Another part T-Rex. Venom’s very nature forces him to constantly evolve but in his case it’s called Evilution! The harsh reality is the Symbiotes aren’t romantics so hey do they procreate? Asexual is the only answer for them. The last place you’d expect to find Venom and Carnage is an internet multiplayer game that’s broadcast in Times Square. And it’s still the last place you’d think of. Endless webbing goes a long way in combat but the threads eventually do wear thin. Up the upside Venom can bring old cars back from the junkheap, especially when he can become the car. Even better Venom took some time off to parody himself as Ven-Ham - a beefy arc enemy to Spider-Ham. Yum! By the way Ven-Ham is essentially modelled after Arnold Schwarzenegger. The crowning glory although is when Venom goes undercover as a Government Agent as a Nun to prevent the assassination of a foreign leader, spreading the words of Peace. Venom sure makes his captures “Peace out” for good.