10 Things Spiderman and Deadpool Have In Common


Deadpool and Spider-Man are two of Marvel’s most beloved characters, which is why we have to compare and see how very similar they are! They’re both extraordinary at annoying Wolverine. And after the terrible movies that we had to endure we’re kind of glad that these guys can save the day and make up for that time we lost. Deadpool and Spider-Man excel at hiding their emotions, but not really if you truly understand their characters. Every time they crack a joke it’s actually a cry for help. Did anyone notice the similarities in the suits? If you look closely in certain panels you’ll find it difficult to tell a difference between the two. We’re always sad when relationships fail, but especially when it’s for people you root for! We wonder when Spider-Man and Deadpool will give up on their search for love. We also wonder why we get a strange satisfaction in seeing their relationships fail. If their relationships failed we’re not sure why they thought their marriages would be successful, but it was fun while they lasted. Except for Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane, we’re still not sure how to feel about that. Not only do our favorite heroes have terrible relationships, but they just have bad luck in love. In both cases their first real love dies, and it’s probably the reason they are who they are today. Some people have bad thoughts: Deadpool’s aren’t physical but we see his inner demons every time he talks to himself and Spider-Man well he was a host to an alien Symbiote and things just got weird from there. Spider-Man is the only one that truly understands Deadpool and that’s probably one of the saddest things you’ll hear all day. Other than the fact that we’re going to be telling you that you’ve been fed a lie and Deadpool does not love Chimichangas. He loves pancakes! And so does Peter Parker. Deadpool and Spider-Man have some pretty bizarre memories of their parents and we wonder how much is real and how much they made up in their heads.