10 Things Red Hulk and Green Hulk Have In Common


In 1962 Marvel Comic Books introduced one of the most iconic superheroes in the entire world. The Incredible Hulk bounded onto the pages and forever changed the way audiences thought about green. The brilliant scientist Bruce Banner gets bombed with gamma radiation and the Hulk bursts forth from within him. For years Bruce was the only Hulk on the block, smashing his way through the city and universe.

Eventually that changed when long-time character and sometimes villain General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross takes a hit radiation too. His transformation results in the unleashing of the Red Hulk into the Marvel Universe. Yes, the two men certainly have one obvious things in common. They are both Hulks. However, what links these two titans goes deeper than their ability to transform into power on two legs.

Both have a militaristic background, which is where they first met. Bruce was a scientist working on the same project as General Ross. Which we acknowledge that Banner turned into Hulk while working for the Gamma Bomb Project. Ross becomes obsessed with the Hulk and once he realizes Dr. Banner is the Hulk, gets the gamma radiation to turn into the Red Hulk. As a result, both have similar superpowers. Both have unparalleled strength, regenerative abilities, and super durable skin.

This means when they are both out in the universe fighting alongside Captain America, Iron Man, The Grandmaster and other space beings, they pack a powerful punch. Even Thor gets worried around these two! When Thor get nervous, that means we do too! Which is why uncovered all these links to better arm ourselves!