10 Things Miles Morales Can Do As Spider Man


When it comes to Marvel superheroes, we have our favorites of course. But none are so dear to our hearts as Spider-Man. Who doesn’t love the story of the smart nerdy teen who gets bit by a radioactive spider and gets superpowers? Doesn’t of kids have loved spidey for generations and recently families have gotten together to watch the Spider-Man films. This summer, they’ll all get to satisfy their love of spidey with the new film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But in the world of comic books, Peter Parker’s reign came to an end. Miles Morales has become the new Spider-Man and he’s doing an amazing job. But whenever any superhero gets replaced, we can’t help but compare them. So how does Miles Morales fair against the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker? We’d say pretty great.

Miles has a lot of amazing skills that Peter had, and some that he didn’t. One of the coolest things Miles can do is turn invisible, can you imagine how handy that is during a fight? He also has the ability to learn quickly and studies his opponents as well as Peter Parker so he can learn to be a better superhero. He also, like Peter, has the ability to regenerate but at a much faster level. One of the most important things Miles has is the ability to talk to a friend. He has a great support system to talk to about his superhero issues as well as his normal everyday issues. Poor Peter never had that in school. Want to find out more about the awesome things Miles Morales can do? Check out our video and find out.