10 Things Marvel Superheroes Have In Common


There are lot of superheroes in the Marvel universe. So many, in fact that some of their traits may overlap from time to time. Notably, recent years have seen an increasing similarity between Spider-Man and the anti-hero who is constantly annoying him from the sidelines: Deadpool. Spider-Man has always been a smart aleck, but recently he’s become even snarkier than normal. That said, those two aren’t the only superheroes on this list. Take for example, Captain America and Luke Cage. Though they might seem pretty different, they’re both products of the government’s super-soldier serum program. Although Steve Rogers took the serum voluntarily, while Cage was coerced into as an inmate at Seagate Prison. On the X-Men side of things, both X-Man and Cable share the same DNA, albeit from different universes, as they are both the children of Jean Grey and Nathan Summers, aka Cyclops. Cable is actually the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey, but her genes are identical. Marvel also has a series of Superman knock-offs who share the sky in the Marvel universe, including Hyperion, Centurion, Sentry, and Blue Marvel. If we look beyond the Earth into other realms, we find that both Thor and Hercules are based on mythologies of ancient cultures. Similarities can also be found between the Marvel line of GI Joe comics and SHIELD, run by Nick Fury. Ditto goes for the Marvel line of Star Wars comics, which feature the character Han Solo, who inspired Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. Vision and Ultron are both manifestations of artificial intelligence. Other similar characters include Tony Stark, Norman Osborn and Danny Rand, who are all the heads of massive corporations named after themselves.