10 Things Marvel Doesn't Want You To Know About Thor


When it comes to superheroes Thor is a god amongst well, gods. That’s because he is a bona fide god himself. And he let’s you know it with all his arrogance, bull headedness, and straightforward attitude. These are a lot of things Marvel tries to keep from you. That is, how unlikeable the true Thor is or how unoriginal he is.

One of the biggest issues comes with the fact that Stan Lee had nothing to do with the creation of Thor. Oh yes we are going there. Even those who have worked with him intimately have vocally come out and said he has had nothing to do with a lot of the characters he takes credit for.

Another Marvel, let’s sweep it under the rug moment, comes with an epic tv show fail involving a jerk of a Thor and a failed attempt to create a tv series off the popularity of the Hulk in the 80s.

Thor has a massive fan following right now but that’s after millions of marketing and carefully orchestrated public events. Prior to this Thor was unloved by most comic book fans due to his massive ego. There were other more loved characters who actually even took over as Thor such as Beta Ray Bill and Throg.

Mostly everything Marvel is afraid of is letting the cat out of the bag that Thor and most of the characters are unoriginal. Mere copycats of mythological gods who came before. Straight carbon copies. Don’t worry we are here to divulge it all for you. So stay tuned.