10 Things About Thor Ragnarok We Know Already


Thor: Ragnarok is coming to theatres this fall with a release date of November 3rd, 2017. This is third installment for the God of Thunder’s trilogy. In anticipation of Thor: Ragnarok we have two trailers, an end credits scene, and some photography from the film set to whet our appetites.

When last we left Thor, at the end of Thor: The Dark World, Loki had secretly taken Odin’s place, ascending to the throne of Asgard. Odin’s fate was unknown. Thor must have figured out his brother’s ruse, because during the end credits of Doctor Strange we find Thor and Loki in New York City. Thor enlists the help of Doctor Strange to help them find Odin. In exchange, they will all return to Asgard.

From the trailers we learn that this film will feature source material from the Thor: Ragnarok comics along with the Planet Hulk storyline. Hela, the Goddess of Death, has come for the destruction of Asgard, and she starts by taking Thor out of the picture. Thor finds himself banished and dumped on the garbage planet of Sakaar, without his hammer, facing the Incredible Hulk in gladiatorial combat in the coliseum.

Thor and the Hulk, along with Loki and the newly introduced Valkyrie, must band together to oppose Hela and reclaim Asgard. But will they return in time to save it? Along the way they will need to battle the Grand Master, Fenris, Skurge, Surtur the king of the fire demons, and a host of undead Asgardians. In the following video we’ll break down everything we know about Thor: Ragnarok so far.