10 Things About Deadpool That Everybody Gets Wrong


Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most successful properties right now. Being made on the low cost budget of $58 million, the X Men universe film featuring a foul mouthed Canadian ended up making over $700 million worldwide, launching Deadpool into global stardom with the help of Ryan Reynold’s determination. Aside from comic books, games and a sequel to the hit film due in 2018, we can also expect an animated television series about Deadpool to come our way in the future with Donald Glover producing it. Despite his fame and popularity though, many people actually get a bunch of facts wrong about Deadpool, often because their only exposure to the merc with the mouth was from his cinematic debut in 2016 (you heard me). From being vulnerable to the collision of Marvel universes, to having more powers than simply healing, Deadpool is full of surprises. He’s even been known to team up with the likes of Spider-Man and Captain America from time to time so he’s a team player...just not with Thor. His design may look like it was inspired by DC’s Deathstroke-and it was in a way-but those two characters are anything but similar. And just like the clown prince of crime himself, the Joker, he has multiple conflicting origin stories that make it impossible to pinpoint exactly how Wade Wilson became the bad mannered Canadian who won’t stop talking. If you were to ask him, he’d tell you it’s up to the authors. Speaking of asking him, his split personalities may not even be his own! How do Howard the Duck and Deadpool connect? Find out here!