10 Theories About Kids Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood


On the surface, children’s movies present a lot of entertainment and great stories. While there is a lot of stuff jam-packed into 90 minutes of action, it also makes it a lot easier for viewers to miss small details and critical information. Thanks to savvy film fans, these details can be presented in some crazy film theories that have spread through the years. See the list and how it will change your childhood memories forever.

In the Home Alone movies, Kevin loved to set traps for robbers, but what if his fascination for violence went a little too far and he became the jigsaw killer from Saw? E.T. clearly comes from another planet, but what if that planet was located in a galaxy, far, far, away?! There are multiple connections between him and the Star Wars universe. The Santa Clause is a happy Christmas film, but many people have questions about the head elf Bernard and his role in the North Pole. Was he the previous son of Santa? All of the characters in Shrek come from various fairy-tales, but Donkey’s backstory is never really explained. Some speculate that he was actually a boy that was transformed into a Donkey on Pleasure Island. The characters in the Nightmare Before Christmas all live in Halloweentown because they have suffered violent deaths including broken necks, electrocutions, and being burned alive. The plot and story of Toy Story 3 has many similarities to the holocaust. Other movies with crazy theories includes Hocus Pocus, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Monsters In, Brave, and the Tim Burton Batman films.