10 Theories About Found Footage Movies That Will Terrify You


The found footage subgenre of movie has become very, very popular over the course of the last decade or so - although it has actually been around since the early 1980s (1980's Cannibal Holocaust started it all). As a general rule, the movies in the subgenre are either presented as if they were "raw" and complete or as if those who "found" them had edited them into an actual narrative.

Horror movies are generally the most common and popular type of movies to be presented in the found footage format, but the technique has also been used in science-fiction and some other genres.

In this video, we'll take a look at ten of the most creepy theories about found footage horror movies! We seriously dare you to watch it without hiding behind the sofa!

The movies (and theories) we'll be looking at are; The Dyatlov Pass Incident (with the theory being that the real incident was due to "paradoxical undressing"), The Blair Witch Project (with the theory being that Josh went mad and there was no witch), Blair Witch (with the theory being that the ending actually took place at the same time as the ending of The Blair Witch Project), Cannibal Holocaust (with the theory being that it was actually a real snuff movie), Willow Creek (with the theory being that the ending saw Kelly being taken as a "forest bride" - and potentially being raped off-camera), Cloverfield (with the theory being that there were actually two monsters), Trollhunter (with the theory being that Hans killed himself at the end), District 9 (with the theory being that the prawns were deformed members of another alien race), Paranormal Activity (with the theory being that the demon actually makes its victims record everything), and The Tunnel (with the theory being that the creature killing people in the movie is a bunyip). Enjoy the video and make sure you comment and subscribe to our channel!