10 Theories About Disney's Zombies 2


Disney’s “Zombies” is one of the biggest and most popular Disney movies of the early 2018. The mix of “Descendants” and “High School Musical” proved to be extremely popular with the young crowd. Millions tuned in to watch the love story between a zombie and a cheerleader. But will there be “Zombies 2”? Is “Zombies 2” actually happening? We found a few fan theories that talk about potential clues and stories that could happen in “Zombies 2.” From Addison’s adopted sister, to half zombies, new villans, and new cast, the options for the second movie are endless! We can’t wait to see more of Zed, Addison, Bucky, and the rest of the characters from Zombietown and Seabrook High School. These are the 10 theories about Disney’s “Zombies 2”!