10 The Loud House Characters Reimagined As Opposite Genders


“The Loud House” follows the story of the large Loud family and their friends. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a family with eleven siblings, “The Loud House” is the perfect show for you. But have you ever wondered what Lincoln, Lisa, Lori, Luan, Lola and others would look like as opposite genders? Check them out!

Let’s start with Lincoln Loud, who’s actually the one who wished for ten brothers instead of ten sisters in the first place. Lincoln’s girl version is called Linka. Although they look mainly the same, Linka has significantly longer hair!

Lisa Loud is one of the smartest 4-year-olds around. Her intelligence is appreciated by everyone except her siblings, who sometimes find her a bit too serious. Lisa’s boy name is Levi, and Levi reminds us of Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory”!

As the oldest in the Loud family, the 17-year-old Lori has a hard time coping with having so many younger siblings. She makes sure she lets everyone know she’s older, and uses her age to show dominance. Her male alternate version is called Loki and he looks just as good!

We can’t forget about Luan Loud, one of the biggest comedians in the family. Luan is a prankster and the one to look out for on April Fool’s day. Her alternate male version is called Lane and the two definitely share some similarities!

Who’s your favorite character from “The Loud House?” Is it Lincoln, Lisa, Lori, Luan or Lola? Watch our video to see 10 characters reimagined as opposite genders!