10 Terrifying Theories About The Scream Franchise


The Scream film franchise is filled with all types of mysteries, huge reveals, and big twists. Not everything shown on the screen is as simple as it seems, though. With four movies and a television show, there are a lot theories that have popped up through the years.

After the release of Scream 4, many people believe the popular character Kirby is actually still alive even though she was brutally stabbed by Charlie. Dewey is one of the more beloved characters in the franchise, but was he actually a killer all along? The Scream TV show may have more connections to the movies than you realize. Scream 3 would have been a lot different if Kevin Williamson got his script produced. Roman was revealed to be a huge mastermind in Scream 3, but did he actually commit murders in the first film? Scream 5 rumors spread around for years and many people theorized on various directions the story would go. Randy is seen as the horror movie guru, but was Billy actually smarter than him? Stuart gets crushed by a TV in the original Scream, but you can easily see him in the background of the sequel. The mask and suit in Scream are scary, but do they also possess special powers? Scream is known for being a movie within a movie, but are they actually set in a world based off books? Watch to see some of these crazy theories come to life and how they could all actually be real.