10 Terrifying And Badass Superpowers Hela Has


With only a few months left to 2017, we are looking forward to the November release of Thor: Ragnarok. The last time we got to spend any amount of significant time with Thor was in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Odinson has not has his own solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the release of Thor: Dark World in 2013. What has Thor and the Asgardians been up to since then?

Thanks to the post credit sequence in 2017’s Doctor Strange movie, we know Thor is teaming up with the Sorcerer Supreme to try and find Odin. Which leads to Thor: Ragnarok. Without the real Odin on the throne, Asgard is open to attack. Enter Hela. The Goddess of Death and Queen of Hel wants to take over. It looks as though she has the power to crush Thor and become the new ruler of Asgard. How is that possible?

Because Hela is an amazingly powerful Goddess who has some truly insane abilities. She is not your average Asgardian. She has the touch of Death, which can kill any mortal or God.

She can fire energy bolts right out of her hands and kill on contact. She can also destroy Mjolnir with the palm of her hand, if that isn’t proof enough. When she isn’t busy raising an army of the dead to overthrow Asgard, she can travel anywhere in the nine realms in her astral form.

Have we scared you enough yet to take her seriously? Because those aren’t even all the power she has, so stay tuned to hear them all!